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We're Aub & Kat - the Founders of Bold Life Wellness

After four years of friendship, career changes, a pandemic, and a handful of healthy meltdowns, one phone conversation led us to do something BOLDER than ever.

With two entirely different backgrounds, one in medicine and the other in marketing, we decided to combine our expertise with our shared passions - Community, Connectivity and Wellness. After months of brainstorming and work, Bold Life Wellness was born.

Together, we’ve found our true passion in life – Doing what we love while empowering others to be bold in their pursuit of whole-body wellness and maximizing vitality in their everyday lives. 

We’d love nothing more than to be a part of your wellness journey!    

Journey to Well

Aubrey Balmer, F.N.P 
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 

Hi there! I'm Aubrey. I am a Family Nurse Practitioner and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, specialized in identifying the root cause of disease and reversing it through lifestyle medicine. My holistic approach and vast healthcare knowledge stem from years of education, extensive research and over fifteen years of professional experience. 

My strong desire to help others is a result of my own personal battle with health. For six years, I was debilitated with blood pressure issues. This ongoing challenge left me depressed, deflated, and in physical pain day after day. After endless doctor’s visits, prescriptions, tests, and hospital stays, I finally found the answer I was looking for: Functional Medicine.

This method allowed me to come off of four medications and begin my healing process. Within three months, I experienced surging energy, zero headaches, and my mood was lifted. I knew I could never approach life the same way again. Through the course of my illness, I had come to the conclusion that there are worse things than dying, and that is not truly living. Not only do I feel like I have been given a second chance but now I know how to live a vibrant life with thriving health that I never knew existed. 

I was able to see the shortcomings in the way I was medically trained. Most of Western Medicine treats a symptom of disease instead of the cause of the disease symptom. If we heal the body from the inside out, the symptoms usually improve and go away altogether. The body is so often able to heal itself so long as we give it what it needs.

My personal journey with health helped me heal my own body, connect with others, and defined the way I approach my life’s work.

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Kathryn Wright
Director of Marketing

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Hello! I'm Kathryn. I am a digital marketing consultant, content creator, and brand enthusiast. Having worked in various marketing roles for years, I decided to take a deep dive into my own personal life goals. It was in that deep dive that I discovered my desire to do something with purpose. Something I could get passionate about. 

After evaluating where I was and where I wanted to be, I became self aware of a few big roadblocks. I was living my life in my head and on the go. After a decade of being a busy mom, wife, volunteer, and workaholic, I realized how disconnected I had become from my body and wellness. I was stressed out, burnt out, and needed guidance to get back on track. Not only had my physical health taken a toll but my mental health had undergone major decline.  After a series of breakdowns, I listened to the call from my body begging for more attention, self-love, and self-care.

It was in this humbling moment that I decided to start living a more intentional and joy-filled life. Rather than pushing forward like I had always done, I started to look within. Enough excuses. More action. It was through my friendship with Aubrey that my need for guidance was met.

After a thorough assessment, Aubrey created a gentle wellness plan that focused on getting my gut health in check, as well as my hormones. She designed actionable steps that empowered me to improve my mindset and habits. These little habits started turning into big habits...and well, life just keeps getting better and better. The way I feel now compared to a year ago just confirms that I never want to go back there. 

So why Bold Life Wellness? To be honest, when Aubrey first pitched the idea of starting a wellness company together, I laughed. I was not the embodiment of all things health and wellness...what was she thinking? How could this be my purpose? But in the process of my own healing, I learned something. I am a student of wellness...which makes me just like you. We are all students. No one is perfect. We're all the same, it just looks different on us. 

Empowering others to live their best life is exactly what I want to do. If I can achieve my biggest, boldest goals, so can you. 

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Fun Facts

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There are worse things than dying and that's not truly living. ~ Aubrey

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We get it. We've been there. And we can help. Take the first BOLD step of your wellness journey today.

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